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Dongeng Sunda Mang

Dongeng Sunda Mang A Collection of Sundanese Folktales

Dongeng Sunda Mang is a file that contains audio recordings of Sundanese folktales narrated by Mang Jaya, a popular storyteller from Kuningan, West Java. The file was uploaded by Mang Jaya Official, a YouTube channel that documents and preserves the oral tradition of Sundanese culture. The file contains 73 episodes of Dongeng Sunda, Dongeng Enteng Mang Jaya, which means "Sundanese Tales, Easy Tales by Mang Jaya". The tales are based on the works of Ki Leuksa, a famous Sundanese writer and poet who lived in the 19th century.

The folktales in Dongeng Sunda Mang are rich in humor, wisdom, and moral values. They feature various characters and themes, such as animals, spirits, warriors, kings, love, justice, and faith. Some of the titles of the tales are: Maung Lodaya (The Tiger from the South), Jawara Ti Kuburan (The Champion from the Graveyard), Getih Jurig Hulu (The Bloodthirsty Demon Head), and Saur Karuhun (The Ancestor's Voice). The tales are told in a lively and engaging manner by Mang Jaya, who uses various expressions, gestures, and sound effects to captivate the listeners.

Download Zip:

Dongeng Sunda Mang is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Sundanese culture and language. The file can be downloaded from the YouTube channel of Mang Jaya Official or from other websites that provide links to it . The file size is about 1.5 GB and it can be played on any device that supports MP3 format. The file also includes a PDF document that contains the transcripts and translations of the tales in Indonesian and English.

Dongeng Sunda Mang is not only a collection of folktales, but also a testament to the creativity and resilience of Sundanese people. By preserving and sharing their oral tradition, they keep their cultural identity alive and relevant in the modern world. Dongeng Sunda Mang is a treasure that deserves to be heard and appreciated by everyone.


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